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2023.01.27 | COMA-CHI & Uyama Hiroto "Japanoia"Release Party!!


In collaboration with "The Dawn of Reiwa", a song that fuses Japanese tradition and spiritual jazz,

A co-produced album by COMA-CHI & Uyama Hiroto that presents a sophisticated spirituality and worldview.

ACT|COMA-CHI &Uyama Hiroto

opening Act... H.K AMORI

COMA-CHI & Uyama Hiroto collaboration album "Japanoia" announced in 2020

Hold a long-awaited release party! !

For the opening act, H.K AMORI

This is an alternative soul band that started its activities in 2022, with three active musicians across the country.

Don't miss it! !

Date January 27th,2023(fri) Open / 18:30 Start / 19:00


TICKET ■Venue Ticket

adv. ¥ 3,500 | door ¥4,000 +1D ¥700

*Entrance in order of reference number

Admission is in order of numbers issued at the time of ticket application.

Please come to the front of the venue after [15 minutes before the opening time]. Please note that you cannot wait in front of the venue before that time.

■Streaming Ticket ¥2,000

With archive, selling until February 2nd


Performer information


COMA-CHI is a rapper and singer. She began performing in 2003 and gained attention that year after winning the SHINJUKU SPOKEN WORDS SLAM poetly battle. She made her indie debut in 2006 and released from Japanese major record label company in 2009

COMA-CHI is a pioneer of female rap in Japan known for being an amazing and multifaceted MC and singer.

Influenced by popular Black music, notably Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, she grew to be a multifaceted artist with outstanding singing ability.

Word of COMA-CHI’s skills spread amongst music lovers in Japan and she started featuring on records by Japan’s top tier artists like RHYMESTER, ZEEBRA, Miliyah Kato, Daichi Miura, and more. She went on to become the first female historical finalist at B-BOY PARK’s MC battle. Music fans all over Japan admired her so much that they recognized her as #1 woman MC of Japanese Hip-Hop.

In recent years, COMA-CHI quit working with major labels and established her own label/office "Queen's Room" to express herself faithfully. Under her new imprint, she released three albums and one picture book by herself.

In 2014, COMA-CHI featured on the Grammy-nominated reggae album by Sly and Robbie titled “Reggae Connection.”,

In 2018, she released the new album "JOMON GREEN” which features the song “Water” produced by Josef Leimberg (whose production credits range from Snoop Dogg to Kendrick Lamar and SZA).

and “the voice of kamuy” featured on the Marvel's anime “Hit Monkey”

In 2020, COMA-CHI & Uyama Hiroto

“Japanoia” has released.

With years of creating as a rapper, singer, spiritual being and businesswoman, COMA-CHI has evolved into a new and original type of B-Girl!!

【Uyama Hiroto】

ジャズギタリストでもあった叔父の影響で、幼少の頃から音楽に慣れ親しむ。「Letter From Yokosuka」をきっかけに多くのnujabes作品に携わり、数々のライブを共にしてきた。

2008年には自身のファーストアルバムとなる「A Son Of The Sun」をリリース。2010年のnujabesの他界後、「Luv(sic)シリーズ」や「spiritual state」等の制作に携わり、アーティストとしても参加。

その後2013年に純度の高い音楽をさらに目指すために、roph recordingsを立ち上げる。

2014年には前作から6年ぶりとなる2nd Album「freedom of the son」をリリース。hydeout productions時代から親交のあるCise StarやPase Rock、Fat Jonなどがfeaturingとして参加する他、1stアルバムからの続編とも言える楽曲を表現した。

また2016年には2nd albumから2年ぶり3枚目となるアルバム「freeform jazz」を発表。日本人としてのアイデンティティーを強く押し出し、新たなJapanese Free Jazzの提案として今までの作品とは一線を画す内容となり、その独創性からも海外のHYPEBEASTに取り上げられるなど、日本人はもとより海外のリスナーからも多くの素晴らしい評価を得ることとなった。



Ev Jones, known for his versatile and large ranged vocal skill set. He is the front man and co producer the Alt-Soul unit ‘JONES Jnr.’ From Sydney, Australia.

Ev has performed alongside the likes of Mark Ronson, Jill Scott, Jose James, Fat Freddy’s Drop many more.

Kai Petite, has a unique style of mixing bass and guitar strings in one instrument, Fender Bass VI.

Along with his solo act, he plays for multiple artists/bands such as - Yosuke Onuma, a leading jazz guitarist in Japan, The Timeless Nation, SHAMANZ, and Allende.

Kai tours around the country, effortlessly holding down the groove.

Kazuki Hayashi, son of legendary Japanese drummer Tatsuo Hayashi.

Drummer for SWANS, beat maker and session drummer for many other Japanese artists.

He has a wide range of stylistic influences and is known for his expressive and musically focussed drumming.

H.K Amori was born in 2022. Their playful and no rules Alt-Soul musicality formed an unbreakable connection that spread across an ocean, the boys began writing and making music even though separated by closed international borders at the time.

Now the time has come to join forces in one place and H.K the S#@T outta these songs.

Reference sound sources


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