2021.06.20 |【Venue+Streming】Brücken

"Brücken" is the new style  international Collaboration show, which is just starting from this time, with the venue in Berlin"ausland" and the one in Tokyo "MoonRomantic". 

act : Cooking Your Life(recorded) , Johnnivan(JP),  Monthly Mu & New Caledonia(JP)


OPEN / 17:00 (JST)

START・ON AIR / 17:30 (JST)


■Venue Ticket

adv. ¥ 2500 | door.¥3000 +1D ¥600

reserve URL


■Streaming Ticket ¥1500

URL https://www.moonromantic.com/210620

(credit card/PayPal/alipay)

Cooking Your Life

The essence of life, the food, it was a cause for criticism of the company. And the humor and the

grotesque and poetics were permeating the Berlin Italian chef CC Gambixu who

theatrically prepared a risotto, actually life, accompanied by a Japanese translator in a kimono,

experimental musicians, a Japanese guitar and DJ - A. Stir or mix, that is the question ?, he wondered

grains of rice philosophy through poetic evocation and quoting some better times in which the food was

food, and people are people. It all ended with the fruit of love, rice and mushrooms. A bizarre cabaret

show - very impressive.


Monthly Mu & New Caledonia

The five piece band “Monthly Mu & New Caledonia” was formed in 2019.

It all started when band members know each other on the internet.

They hit it off during the first jam session and formed the band on that

day. The songs are drawing attention and uniquely developed from

music of all ages and countries, based on R&B, hip-hop, magnificent

sentimental ballad and delightful funk tunes. Plus, they are well known

for live performance. They performed live at Shibuya WWW,

LIQUIDROOM and DAIKANYAMA UNIT after only a year following forming the band. Also, they performed at “Ringo Festival” two years in a

row. At “The Premium Music Campaign” hosted by Sho Ayanokoji of

Kishidan, they performed with Mika Nakashima, Fujifabric, ACIDMAN

and other famous musicians.